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Perfect skin after taking Team Gene ® Skin test




Asian woman applying facial clay mask

Our Story

I was confused as to which skin care treatments and products would

benefit my skin.

My therapist at my local beauty salon told me to include collagen or vitamins that promise to plump and hydrate.

I decided to do the only thing that I knew which was to use my genetic knowledge to understand my risk of becoming wrinkly. 

The knowledge I have gained means I can  offer a truly unique insight into the risk your client might have regarding their need of collagen or serums that include vitamins.


Helping you to offer truly unique treatments and products to your clients skin needs.


This test is for commercial use only, use the contact form to request more information to set up your account for your salon.


Team Gene® Skin Test

Life is all about risks, this risk is one I wanted to take. 

Team Gene® Skin test tells you if your clients are at risk of reduced plumpness, collagen synthesis, or if the skin can utilise the vitamins the client eats. 

This test provides the 'risk type' your client is. The result enables the skin specialist to design a bespoke skin health programme using your current treatments and products. 

Genes never change and therefore the client receives a bespoke plan for their skin health.

The beauty of the test is that you do not have to purchase any equipment or special products. Instead, use the results to promote the services you already provide and your client is re-assured their treatment is picked to ensure the skin will benefit.

Listen to Jane talking about the test and how it has benefited her clinic

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